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Three Kickstarter projects to consider: SolForge, Drunk Quest & Relic Knights

There are three Kickstarter projects that are winding down and a worth looking at:

SolForge is continually ramping up their content with this all-new digital CCG designed by some of the most legendary names from Magic: the Gathering like Richard Garfield, Justin Gary and Brian Kibler! They need a bit over $40,000 to meet their goal as an iOS/Droid release. We’ve talked about it a lot already, but if you enjoy Ascension, you’ll probably enjoy this one. SolForge’s run ends Monday September 10th at 7:07 pm EST.

Drunk Quest is what happens when you take a game like Munchkin, but tighten the rules and add some extra drinking. A card combat game for three or more players, I was sold as soon as “Brewmaster” was listed as a class. This project is fully funded and the stretch goals are getting nice. While I wish I had the extra cash for the officially marked beer steins, I’m looking forward to sharing drinks and battling an army of drink pun monsters! Drunk Quest ends Friday September 7th at 6:30 pm EST.

Relic Knights looks absolutely terrifying but also incredibly awesome. Another fully funded project, Relic Knights is being done by the same group that broke Kickstarter in half twice already with Zombicide and Sedition Wars. Relic Knights is a blend of sci-fi action, anime style and miniature combat. They seem to be unlocking content at an alarming pace, but the real kicker is Gabe and Tycho have signed on as well. Relic Knights will be fully funded Sunday September 9th at 9 pm EST.

All three of these projects are worth looking at. Whether you’re after a party card game, a new and innovative digital card game or some of the most stunning miniatures I’ve ever seen, check them out before it is too late!

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Cook’s Recipe: Coconut Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa


“Ay,” th’ Captain sputtered ‘tween bung holefuls. “Ye do nay need be patient t’ be a sea dog. Ye want booty, ye plunder. Ye want dubloon, ye steal. Ye want a pretty lass, thar`s a nice port t’ pillage ‘cross th’ bay. But if ye want a tasty fish, ye need a fishin’ pole a keg o’ rum. Only th’ hour yield a meal ’tis satisfyin’.”

Hey, mateys!  The bars are serving Shipyard Pumpkinhead, but in my log, there’s still time to fit in a few purely summer dishes before the leaves start to turn.  After all, it’s always summer in the Caribbean!

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Evidently Return to Ravnica wishes to keep spoiling itself

I wish “Ravnica” and “Hogwarts” had the same amount of syllables, so then I could just sing this all day.

From the Mothership:

Lotleth Troll is now in English. Slaughter Games comes from ManaDeprived.

Here is the complete spoiler to blow your mind.

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