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Arena Review: Scion

In Brief

Scion is a game with a peculiar and fun history, as well as an ambitious and engaging story. In most Roleplaying games you start off as a pretty average person (often with some small extras that other people can’t do) and you try to work your way up to larger-than-life, chatting-with-the-gods hero status. In Scion you start at that point and increase in power until you become a god yourself.

Your character is the offspring of one of the gods from any of the real-world mythologies. The little bit of divine power you inherit gives you the ability to act above-and-beyond a normal human which you use to defeat monsters, save towns, cure cancer, etc. Do this well enough and you join the ranks of the gods themselves.

Genre: Epic divine heroes
System: Revised Storyteller System (same as Exalted)
Potential Library: Moderate (3 main books, 4 supplements, 3 SAS scenarios)
Publisher: White Wolf

The main conflict in the game is between the gods and the titans, terms borrowed from Greek legend but applied to all mythologies. In the dawn of time the titans were in power but were such evil bastards that the gods rose up and threw them out of existence. This isn’t so permanent for a primeval hunger, however, and the titans have been biding their time in the spaces outside the universe, only to return recently with a vengeance and a desire to unmake the world. As if this wasn’t enough, there are threats from rival pantheons, corrupted gods, legendary beasts, and even human ambition to contend with. Sound exhausting? It is, but then again you have superhuman stamina so you can probably take it.

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I have awoken from my slumber, feast your eyes upon more Return to Ravnica spoilers!

It is the second day of Return to Ravnica spoilers! Feast your eyes upon these!

From the Mothership:

From Reddit!

From Magicspielen:

~Lotleth-Troll BG
Creature – Zombie Troll (R)
Discard a creature card from your hand: put a +1/+1 counter on CARDNAME
B: Regenerate CARDNAME

Full spoiler is here, cherish it.

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