Dragons Rock Commander Deck & Dragon Bites Recipe

Castles and Cooks is proud to welcome back our first guest writer on the site – Bill O’Dell! A long time player of Magic, Bill loves what we’re doing here and offered up a new deck idea along with a corresponding recipe or two! Welcome back! – Jesse the Baker

Most of us fantasy fanboys will hands down say that dragons are the coolest creature in all of the mythic lore. Whether we’re talking Smaug or Draco, Eastern or Western, dragons have always captivated people – in some cases for centuries.

And yes, I will admit, I love dragons. While I liked the classic Shivan Dragon, what I truly loved were and are the legendary dragons, specifically starting with the Elder Dragon Legends – you know the original heavy hitters – Nicol Bolas (before Planeswalker status), Arcades Sabboth, Chromium, Vaevictis Asmadi and Paladia-Mors.

These were THE dragons to have, to hold, to crush your opponents with their combolicious goodness!

Meanwhile skip forward a few years from Legends/Chronicles and you start hitting the new versions in Invasion and then Planar Chaos. Not quite as powerful, not quite as expensive, but in some cases, more fun for combos.

But these guys pale in comparison to the awesome combo magnet known as Niv-Mizzet – by far my favourite dragon. He’s red and blue – the colors a dragon should be. Dragons are not the lame beasts as portrayed in “Reign of Fire”. He exemplifies dragons as the both living embodiment of fire & ferocity as well as a vast store of knowledge. However, we will talk more about him as his comboliciousness in Dragons Rock V2.0 – returning to Ravnica and the Firemind, Niv Mizzet.

In this column, we will talk about EDH with a deck full of and inspired by the OG dragons that inspired the format. That said, the best dragon to head the charge is not an EDH, but the avatar that can be them all – Scion of the Ur-Dragon.

What says combo better than this beat stick with wings? A measly 4/4 for one of all five colors, it is not the power and toughness but the special ability that makes this dragon so ripe for combos.

That’s right – Search your library for a dragon, copy it, and toss it in the bin.

Just off the top of my head, make Scion unblockable, search for say Nicol Bolas, empty your opponent’s hand. Next turn, search for Bladewing the Risen, pull Nicol back out, search for Teneb, the Harvester – Rinse Repeat until your opponents go down in a blaze of agony inspired by big stompy fire-breathers!

Of course, all of this will be much easier if you’ve got a good mana ramp and some stuff to give your Scion both shroud and unblockability. So for this deck “recipe”, I will literally just giving you some guidelines for how to start the ramp, helpful cards and you will need to fill with dragons from there with the idea that most of your dragons are of the EDH multi-color variety.

Dragons Rock Commander/EDH Deck
Scion of the Ur-DragonLand
Dromar’s Cavern
Dragonskull Summit
Lotus Vale
Meteor Crater
Command Tower
4 Island
4 Swamp
5 Plains
11 Forest
11 MountainCreature
Somberwald Sage
Skyshroud Elf
Birchlore Rangers
Utopia Tree
Birds Of Paradise
Wirewood Channeler
Bladewing The Risen
Karrthus, Tyrant Of Jund
Kilnmouth Dragon
Teneb The Harvester
Nicol Bolas
Krosan Drover
Dragonspeaker Shaman
Zirilan The ClawPlaneswalker
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
Sarkhan The Mad
Heartbeat Of Spring
Mana Flare
Rites Of Flourishing
Crucible Of Fire
Shared Animosity
Instill Energy
Sneak Attack
Wild Pair
Call To The Kindred
Aggravated AssaultArtifact
Fellwar Stone
Urza’s Incubator
Dragon Arch
Coat Of Arms
Crucible Of Fire
Whispersilk CloakInstant
Surge Of Strength
Shattering PulseSorcery
Hull Breach

Editor’s note: This deck is intended as a rough frame work and not a completed deck. At it’s current incarnation, there are only 83 cards in it. Depending on your play group and play style, you many want to consider additional mana fixing, mana acceleration and choose the dragons that work best for you!

The first set of cards are your mana fixers, such as Birds of Paradise and Fellwar Stone, and your utility destruction cards, such as Putrefy and Mortify, which rock against most permanents. There are a number of substitutions that you can do – I wouldn’t use both a mana chicken and Utopia Tree unless you don’t have say a Fellwar Stone.

The second set of cards are the permanents that will make it easier for you to get your dragons out, such as Dragonspeaker Shaman as well as the sneaky card players – Dragon Arch and Call to the Kindred. And these cards work superb with the third set of cards that cause extra damage when your dragons flap in to chomp on your opponents or come flapping onto the field.

The non-basic lands and basic lands are just suggestions – you may have better to use. But some of them are great for flavour such as Dragonskull Summit or any of the lairs such as Dromar’s Cavern.

And finally we get to the dragons! Again, like most of this deck, I have given a few suggestions to start you off. In this case, I would consider them staples as you read before in the combo portion. As for the flavour of the deck, consider the five original Elder Dragon Legends, the five dragon legends from each Invasion and Planar Chaos – they are the reason there is five colours in the deck.

The reality of this deck is that it’s made to take advantage of all the colours especially with Scion as the general. And the ability to sneak those multi-colour bombs in with their special abilities offers all kinds of possibilities!

Now to go with the dragon goodness is my recipe for bacon-wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos. These Dragon Bites have enough fire and flavour to satisfy the dragon in all of us.

Dragon Bites
Makes two dozen 

8 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. pepper jack cheese, shredded
2 tbsp. minced garlic
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes
1 tbsp. cilantro
24 large jalapeno peppers
1 lb. thin sliced bacon (48 strips)

Mix room temperature cream cheese and shredded pepper jack with garlic, finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes and cilantro. The stuffing should be soft and manageable enough to squeeze out of a pastry bag.

Slice each jalapeno lengthwise on one side, being careful not to cut the jalapeno in half. Stuff the pepper with the mixture making sure not to overfill the jalapeno.

Wrap each pepper with two strips of bacon which should secure the opening. Slide a number of wrapped peppers onto a long wood skewer with a little space in between each pepper.

The stuffed pepper can either be grilled or baked. It is best to soak your skewers in a little olive oil before using them on the grill or in the oven. This will prevent them from charring.

To bake the peppers, the oven should be at about 400 degrees and it should take about 20 minutes.

To grill them make sure the bacon is done. And if you grill them, you might want something under them, such as foil or a foil pan since they will be messy.