Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 7

Ascension Immortal Heroes finally got released this weekend at Gen Con! But a total of three new cards were shown off to round out the previews on the official Ascension Facebook page.

Hedron Pyromaniac continues the mixed messaging of Mechana doing both power and runes, but the self-destructive take makes for a drastically different play experience over the old method of assembling the great machine. Worst case, this is a Mystic worth double honor for only one extra rune.

Spider Witch really shows how far Eric Sabee’s art has come since Chronicles of the Godslayer. But as a card, my gut reaction is to compare this to Flytrap Witch. On its own, this card doesn’t do enough for me. With some extra Lifebound heroes, it can work but unless your strategy is honor ramp (or consistent uniting), this is a card you can leave for your opponents.

Ascension Fans showed off the Immortal Heroes preview card:

This feels like a less broken version of Dreamer’s Glass. I love the idea of effectively being able to “hold” an extra card between turns. The Ascension set promos have always shown off interesting new depths, and Arha Sanctuary is yet another example of really changing the limits of the game. In a combo-centric deck, this card goes from good to deadly.