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With Gen Con comes new Return to Ravnica spoilers

A few weeks ago, a card showed up randomly that claimed to be from Return to Ravnica. At the time, most of us passed it off as a really good fake because of the copyright line being incorrect. But then the newest IDW promo card showed up and used the same copyright language. So maybe Rootborn Defenses is actually real?

Also revealed at Gen Con Trade day is the Golgari mechanic:

Deadbridge Goliath 2GG
Creature – Insect (R)
Scavenge 4GG (4GG, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature, where X is this card’s power. Scavenge only as a Sorcery.)

So this brings the spoiler up to 3 Return to Ravnica cards right now, but who knows how many more will show up during Gen Con?

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Interview: Justin Gary returns with Ascension: Immortal Heroes, SolForge and more!

Once again we got the chance to talk to Justin Gary about the future of Gary Games. I started following Justin’s career while reading about his Magic tournament wins in Inquest and have been playing Ascension viciously on my iPhone for months straight now. With the fourth Ascension expansion getting released this week and the recent launch of their Kickstarter campaign for SolForge; to say they are busy is quite an understatement.

The last time we spoke with Justin, they were gearing up for the the release of Storm of Souls, but in the last year a lot has changed. Justin actually interrupted my best game of Ascension ever when he called, but boy was it worth it!

Jesse: How’ve you’ve been? I’m assuming very busy with Gen Con, SolForge and Immortal Heroes.

Justin: Oh yes. It’s been one of the most insane times in my life. Between Ascension, obviously and SolForge is a huge part of the convention plan, plus a few other things we haven’t even talked about yet. We’re certainly keeping busy.

Jesse: I noticed you guys just broke $100,000 on Kickstarter!

Justin: That’s right; we had a little celebration this morning. We’ve been having fun showing off the screen shots of our recent build and announcing our newest freebie promotion giveaway. If you pledge at least $25 to the campaign, before the end of Gen Con on August 20th, you’ll get a free starter deck when the game launches. It’s just another incentive for all the people out there we are trying to reach.

Jesse: We saw that up on Facebook! And I’m assuming the next few update videos will be better than Kibler’s example of using his desktop icons to show how the game works.

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