Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews Week 6

Last week was the final week of Ascension: Immortal Heroes previews since the expansion is coming out this week with the Gen Con release! Sadly, I won’t be able to go to Gen Con (though that means one less person to compete against in the World Championship). All of the reveals this week came from the official Ascension Facebook page.

Aaron, the Godslayer
The original winner of last year’s World Championship, Aaron Sulla, won not only some great prizes but also got immortalized with his own card! Half of Adayu, the Chosen, Aaron shows that Oziah isn’t quite as peerless as he once thought. The ability to kill any creature is a great power that puts him high on the list of need to acquire cards, especially in Immortal Heroes combat-heavy environment.

I really miss the grand machine design of mechana in the first Ascension block. Repurposer is a solid card, but for seven runes it is expensive to use. In the right deck that focuses on smashing construct after construct, this could be interesting. Then again, P.R.I.M.E. is happy with just about any construct.

The final event,¬†Annihilation¬†doesn’t wow me. The ability to chain banishing early game is great, but if end up without any Void, it doesn’t do much. The trophy turns Fanatics into Hoarding Whelps, which just makes me shrug. Then again, that’s probably preferable to the absurd shenanigans that Arha Rising allows.

Wolf Acolyte
The tiny version of Wolf Shaman, Wolf Acolyte is an interesting one-drop. On its own, it doesn’t do much but if Lifebound Unite becomes a viable strategy, these are worth grabbing immediately to chain together your deck. These are the kind of one-drops I like seeing in new Ascension sets.

Nothing Man
The final monster gives power-based strategies a chance to obtain Soul Gems as well! For four power, getting 4 honor and a random hero when you want is a solid deal. But the real power of this card is going to depend on what the actual Soul Gem deck is.

That’s everything for Immortal Heroes! This coming weekend, a bunch of Ascension events will be happening at Gen Con. For the full tournament list, check it out here.