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Dominion Dark Ages Previews: Days 1 & 2

It seems like everyone is ramping up for Gen Con, which would explain why we are getting flooded with previews of games that aren’t Magic: the Gathering for once. This news is all about the newest Dominion expansion: Dark Ages!

Like with Hinterlands, Tom and I are both writing up our thoughts on these cards to give you two different viewpoints on what we think of them and the upcoming set as a whole.

From these early six cards it appears that the crux of dark ages is two-fold. First, it involves extra effects when you trash the card. That certainly improves the value of classics like Remodel with this set. Second, and this goes along with that, is that the deck should make for some interesting combos. Anyone who enjoys cycling their deck and putting together really impressive combos (Jesse), this is the set for you.

The set also is introducing ruins, what appears to be another way to give curse like cards to your opponents, but instead of outright Victory Point penalties, the ruins each have different effects

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