SolForge is gaining momentum – and some visual mockups!

A new post over at Forbes has outlined some great new information concerning SolForge. Here are some of the highlights about the basics of the game:

  • There will be four factions on release: Death, Life, Mechanical and Elemental.
  • The “basic” rule: Each turn draw five, play two.  Played cards level up and transform.  Discard everything.  Every four turns, all cards are shuffled back into the deck and the cycle begins again.
  • Combat takes place in five “lanes”.  Creatures and structures are placed into these lanes.  Creatures that fight when the opposing lane is empty will make direct contact with the opponent, causing damage.
  • SolForge will launch on iOS devices and PC, with plans to move to Android and other platforms down the line.

In addition to some new info, a bunch of new screenshots have been provided – without much in the way of context. The green number above the avatars is life, but the blue is something else.

I can’t wait to find out what exactly everything means. In addition to these new images, two new tiers have been made on the Kickstarter campaign as well.


SPECIAL REWARD TIER: For our backers not interested in physical rewards, this is an all-digital reward tier! We won’t send you a T-Shirt, and instead you get an extra $20 of Store credit. This makes it a total of $120 credit, a Starter Deck, Digital Art Book, and a Promo Card. (THIS TIER IS NOT INCLUDED IN ANY OTHER REWARD TIERS) 

Thanks to multiple backers for suggesting the all-digital reward tier


SPECIAL REWARD TIER: Games are more fun when played with friends, so this package gets you everything from the $100 package for you and a friend! You can be SolForge best buddies!

We love sharing with friends so much, we’ll even give you a special SOLFORGE RECRUITER avatar in game to show off how awesome you are. Please add $15 for international shipping on the T-Shirts if you want them. (THIS TIER IS NOT INCLUDED IN ANY OTHER REWARD TIERS)