Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 5

After the complete madness that was last week, Ascension: Immortal Heroes continues to shape up in interesting ways. Cards are still getting shown off everywhere (including here!) as we get closer and closer to the release at Gen Con!

From Ascension Official Facebook page:

With The Great Eclipse shown off, there is only one Event left to be revealed. While the artwork is oddly surreal (and unlike any eclipse I’ve ever seen), the potential of this card is amazing. Chaining Lifebound heroes is dangerous thanks to unite, but the real scariness of this card is the fact it doesn’t say “once per turn.”

When combined with the Event Trophy, it allows you to acquire any Hero and put them on top of your deck!

This is an odd card that I’m still unsure of how to judge. Cog Maw is the obvious comparison, and that is a card that really needs some recursion to work. The cheaper cost makes me interested, but unless you’ve got a horde of Brazer Drones, I think this is just a construct to sit there until the last turn or two.

Arha Medium is about as non-committal a card can get in this game. In the first turn or two, it can be a great way to see how the board shapes up before making the call on if you need a Mystic or Heavy Infantry. But in 3+ player games, I see this becoming much more valuable. It’s still a weird card.

A bigger Soul Collector, Belthar is impressive. The loss of a power, but the addition of runes make him an interesting take on Emri, One with the Void. But I’m wary of any Void cards that require you defeating in the center row.

Akam, the Genie is a beautifully crafted card and exactly what I expect from high cost monsters in Ascension. The Ongoing Trophy is a flavorful one (that I’m sure is going to confuse non-Magic players), but the fact that it can shift between giving power or runes makes him a great end-game trophy when the center row is constantly in flux. Also, he looks a lot like Ja’far.

From Castles and Cooks!

I wrote a bunch about this guy already, but I am still interested in what the language change could mean for the game’s future. And the art looks so much better this saturated.

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is scheduled to be released on August 17th at Gencon – that’s in like a week! You can find week 1week 2week 3 and week 4 of previews compiled here on Castles and Cooks!