Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 4

Last week was a crazy one for Ascension Immortal Heroes previews. Between the five new cards shown off on the official Ascension Facebook page, the three over at Ascension Fans (I love those guys) and both MTV Geek and Gamehead show off one each, it’s been a lot of fun!

From the official Ascension Facebook page:

Temple Guardian finishes the cycle of Enlightened defeaters alongside Prodigal, Arha Templar, Oziah the Peerless and Adayu, the Chosen. A solid pick, especially being worth 4 honor for 5 runes. And if he cantrips as well, that’s beyond excellent. Acidic Crawler is interesting, but it really is one of those cards you need to play with before getting the best sense of it. The idea of destroying someone’s entire construct arsenal is impressive, but how often will that actually happen? Plus if you have the most, the crawler is just worth 5 honor.

I love more expensive cards – usually. Lately, especially when combining all the sets on the iPad, it seems like half the time everything on the board costs 6 or more. But Orb of Nyx takes Muramasa and does a minor tweak. When I first read this card, I assumed it was like most cards and just said, “The first time you defeat a Monster in the center row each turn, gain a Soul Gem.” Yeah, there is no “first time” clause so if you can chain together some killings, you can drastically alter the course of your turn. Plus being worth a whopping 5 honor is impressive in a non-Mechana construct.

Sabre, the Moonlit is quite possibly my favorite card in the set. When he first came up during the few games I played at PAX East, I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh. The rules text is delightfully absurd. But while the card is funny, when you can consistently unite he becomes terrifying. Providing every resource means he is never a dead draw and in a devoted Lifebound deck, he will break your opponent. Now I want to shuffle up all the sets and Two-Fold Askara him…

The latest event is for Mechana and gives everyone a free Rocket Courier X-99. The event trophy is a nice touch too since I’m prone to buying as many constructs as I can…

From Ascension Fans:

Askara of Souls looks so weird to me – that text box looks almost empty! And her battery eyes are terrifying, but this card basically says “get a random Hero this turn!” Until we know more about the make up of the Soul Gem deck, this card can be very hit or miss. Cackling Jackal is just the inverse of Hoarding Whelp, giving you a rune instead of a power. It’s a solid target and a decent trophy.

Astrolabe TRX feels out of Faction, shouldn’t it say “Lifebound?” As a card that doesn’t do much, the constant stream of honor can quickly shift the game but I feel like this card just doesn’t do much.

And MTV Geek provided this tree. The hero comes from Gamehead.

Wow. This is one of those cards that can quickly end the game if left unchecked. A few turns with this active – along with its Rune generation clause means the game will be over very, very soon. The high cost will make it a challenge to get early, but once this enters the center row expect to see a Mystic arms race to buy it.

Elan, Soul Marshal is a fascinating take on a card that just essentially says “Draw two cards.” Grabbing a random Soul Gem and drawing a card of your own make him a fascinating play that can really swing the game in your favor. His sword is really big too. Now I wonder if you can stack the Soul Gem deck…

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is scheduled to be released on August 17th at Gencon. You can find week 1, week 2 and week 3 of previews compiled here on Castles and Cooks!