Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 3

Like the last two weeks, Gary Games has been updating their Facebook Ascension page every day with a new card from the upcoming expansion: Immortal Heroes! Scheduled to be released at Gencon, Immortal Heroes is shaping up to be a fascinating set that brings new changes to each faction.

Growmites shows off another Ongoing Trophy and a new rarity! The purple symbol means super-common and there are five Growmites in Immortal Heroes. Depending on how they appear in the center row, a chain of Growmites can quickly mean game over as they continue to bring in the honor.

Energy Monk continues the trend of Mechana going into power over runes, while making great use of the smash everything strategy. While 4 runes for 2 power isn’t great, the 3 honor value helps make up for it. An interesting alternative to Brazer Drone.

Deathsworn Warrior may be my favorite card shown so far. I love thinning my deck as much as possible early game (sometimes to my detriment as I once banished all but 2 Apprentices and didn’t have a single Mystic), and this card really speeds your deck up. First is the Fate trigger, which is useful and always appreciated. Next is the fact that this card allows you to banish when played, much like Void Initiate. Then it allows you to banish itself to banish ANOTHER card! All of this for only one rune! Oh, and it adds power.

I really like how Ascension keeps visiting past cards either by showing how they have changed or showing characters only seen in the art. Stone Circle Elder is the same as Stone Circle, but seen from the other direction! As a card though, it is expensive at 5 runes, but getting a hero for free and putting it on top of your deck (or effectively into your hand if the event if Lifebound) makes me interested. My biggest concern is how this will play when all the sets are mixed together because I’ve noticed a lot of expensive cards just filling the center row for turn after turn…

The newest event is Enlightened with Moment of Clarity. If you happen to get lucky and obtain a bunch of Enlightened cards, this is insane. Double dipping on buying a Prodigal and grabbing a new card is great, but this is an engine that can quickly run dry. The event trophy is half an Arha Sensei and is a great use of Fanatics.

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is scheduled to be released on August 17th at Gencon. You can find week 1 and week 2 of previews compiled here on Castles and Cooks!