Magic 2013 Casual & Commander Review: Green

Green is an odd color in Magic 2013 because there doesn’t seem to be that much new with it. Big creatures, some pump spells and that is about it. A handful of cards make me sit up and take notice, but the reality is M13 doesn’t offer that many new toys.

Magic 2013 Casual & Commander Review
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Bond Beetle
Ironshell Beetle has been one of those odd two-drops and Bond Beetle continues the tradition. While not the most exciting card, the versatile nature of it combined with a bounty of bounce effects makes me think Bond Beetle can be abused – or just used as some awkward anti-undying mechanic.

Boundless Realms

Late game, there is nothing worse than drawing land after land. Boundless Realms is such an odd card though that tries to walk between being excessive ramp and deck thinning. Thanks to a high casting cost, this card doesn’t seem to really work in many environments. Commander players are too busy tricking their decks out with nonbasic lands, while kitchen table 60 needs something to do with all these lands.

Though I do really like the idea of making a Living Lands deck…

Elderscale Wurm

What do you get when you combine Form of the Dragon, Worship and Duskdale Wurm? Evidently this weird amalgam of cards that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. A 7/7 trampler for seven is a fine deal, but the other two lines of this card still leave me scratching my head. Having a stop-gap measure that makes you harder to kill is interesting, and I’m sure some weird combo players will find a way to make this shine. It’s a good card, I just have no idea of how to use it.

Flinthoof Boar

I love Watchwolf and I love even more than it has a red-green cousin! As someone who played the Fires deck way too much, the notion of cheap creatures with haste in a red green deck makes me excited. But when compared to the other Kird Ape inspired creatures in this cycle, Flinthoof Boar lacks the extra flourishes of being able to really change the game when he comes down.

Fungal Sprouting

I love Saprolings. As a sorcery, this has a decent amount of potential but I dislike cards like this since they are utterly useless after a board wipe.

Mwonvuli Beast Tracker

A new green creature tutor? Sign me up! Commander players are going to love this girl because it was summon a lot of different creatures. It is odd that it only grabs four different abilities, but that is probably to keep it more useful in green than anything else. While not a crazy, groundbreaking card, Beast Tracker is a perfect utility card.

Predatory Rampage

A slightly easier to cast Overrun, Predatory Rampage doesn’t quite do enough for me outside of limited. The forced blocking can be done many ways, but this card just feels like it won’t work at the kitchen table.

Primal Huntbeast

For a common, I think I will find this card extremely annoying. While not an amazing card, it is certainly worth considering if targeted removal gets out of hand.

Ranger’s Path

Skyshroud Claim has finally stopped being tided to Rath! An excellent card that can grab dual lands and other nonbasic forests, Ranger’s Path is a great piece of acceleration for Commanders.

Roaring Primadox

If you’re looking for ways to bounce creatures, this isn’t bad but I really dislike only getting a 4/4 for four mana. It just feels like something is missing.

Sentinel Spider

This spider is huge! While it pains me that Giant Spider has been replaced, this is a fine way to do it. The combination of vigilance and reach make it great as almost a Serra Angel.

Serpent’s Gift

I would love this card but the casting cost is way too high for a combat trick. In a world where green has an abundance of one drop instants, Serpent’s Gift just doesn’t do enough. Though if you are thinking of making a Cobra themed deck…

Spiked Baloth

So this card exists. Yep.


Awesome name, awesome card, kind of creepy looking art. The fact that Thragtusk triggers whenever leaving the battlefield – not just dying, makes me love him. The life gain is just gravy! This is just an amazing creature card all around.

Timberpack Wolf

I so want to abuse this with a kicked Rite of Replication.

Yeva, Nature’s Herald

This might take the cake are creepiest looking art – those markings on her eyes are scars! She’s commands, she’s got flash and she gives all your creatures flash too! She’s even a 4/4! There are plenty of ways to get creative and build around this legendary elf.

Yeva’s Forcemage

Not the most exciting creature, but when combined with Yeva, it becomes a nice little combat trick.

Reprints are where green really shines in Magic 2013. Acidic Slime is a great piece of removal alongside Deadly Recluse. Elvish Archdruid is a lightning rod for removal but amazing when he’s allowed to resolve. Farseek makes multicolor that much easier. Garruk, Primal Hunter returns once again to force mono-green decks, while Ground Seal might shine against all of Innistrad’s new toys. Quirion Dryad is great fun but nothing tops Rancor! One of the best auras of all time, Rancor is going to be readily available to many players for the first time and I can’t wait to see what disasters it brings.

Top 5 Green Magic 2013 Cards for Casual and Commander

5. Primal Huntbeast

4. Mwonvuli Beast Tracker

3. Elderscale Wurm

2. Yeva, Nature’s Herald

1. Thragtusk

This is awkward because I feel like green didn’t get a whole lot of new stuff in M13. The reprints are spectacular, but the new cards leave me feeling a bit unfulfilled. Am I missing something?

Magic 2013 Casual & Commander Review
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