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Arena Review: Planechase 2 Primordial Hunger

Planechase 2 (2012) Reviews
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The third Planechase 2 set doesn’t really go for subtlety. Like many red-green decks, Primordial Hunger really has a single goal: make the biggest creatures and then smash people repeatedly with them until they die. That’s about it.

Using tokens and smaller creatures as fodder for dragons and other devouring beasts, you don’t want to get attached to any creatures in your deck (or on your battlefield) because a bigger one will probably eat them in a turn or two.

Like the other sets, six new cards are included in Primordial Hunger. But unlike the others, some of these cards don’t really make sense to me as a Planechase multiplayer release. They’re good cards, but kind of boring. But I guess this means we aren’t going back to devour as a mechanic any time soon.

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Magic 2013 daily spoilers officially begin!

With Planechase 2 done, Magic 2013 spoiler season officially kicks off! Even though over a third of the set is already know.

From the Mothership:

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