Cryomancer & Mixologist Recipe: Coffee Stout Milkshake, an unlikely alliance

Lunging at one another, the Mixologist chucked a flaming flask while the Cryomancer countered with a heaping avalanche of ice. But they both realized too late that their attacks were just going to counter each other. What they didn’t realize at the time was how delicious the outcome would be.

Two weeks ago, Tom came up to visit and finally managed to smuggle a bottle of the exceptionally rare Imperial Stout Trooper. To call it an excellent beer would be an understatement, but the beer originally debuted in late winter, so it isn’t exactly designed for the late spring/early summer pallet. But not one to let it go to waste, I knew the best way to drink it was by adding two things: more alcohol and ice cream.

The end result is a concoction that would make both the cryomancer and mixologist proud to clink tankards on a warm day.

Coffee Stout Milkshake

Ingredients (per shake)
1 ounce of coffee liqueur
4 ounces of stout beer
3 scoops of coffee ice cream

Muddle together the coffee liqueur and ice cream by hand in the bottom of a pint glass until it begins to smooth. Top off the pint with the stout beer and stir constantly until smooth, serve immediately.

Now this isn’t going to taste just like a milkshake given all the beer. So if the idea of a creamy beer is a good one to you, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re looking to mix it up a little more, try experimenting with different ice creams like chocolate or vanilla.