Planechase 2 spoilers for both Monday and the weekend!

The Mothership has started the official Planechase 2 spoilers for the week and here are what is being shown off:

In other craziness, I know GatheringMagic is eager to show off there findings too:

From @Wizards_Magic on Twitter:

Finally, like the cool only child who gets everything, MTGSalvation once again releases the hounds when it comes to spoilers and has a new phenomenon, two planes and six and a half new cards! Talk about unfair!

Illusory Angel 2U
Creature – Angel Illusion (U)
Cast Illusory Angel only if you’ve SOMETHING this turn. (Probably cast a spell.)

Mass Muntiny’s mana cost is currently unknown.

Yeah, I don’t have the full name either.

As always, check out our up to date Planechase 2 visual spoiler for all your information!