Dawn and Night battle it out in today’s Planechase 2 spoilers!

MTGCommander.net got the honor of showing off the first spoilers for Planechase 2 that really have nothing to do with Planechase at all! They are fantastic new additions to Commander though thanks to some absurd casting costs and even better abilities.

Krond the Dawn-Clad is an interesting choice thanks to an absurdly unsplashable casting cost. As a white-green commander, I love anyone who plays well with Armadillo Cloak and this guy certainly does. The combination of offensive and defensive capabilities makes me very interested in him, but I’m not sure he has enough to make him a top tier Commander.

For multiplayer though, I love how this guy works in reanimating decks thanks to the simple fact that Animate Dead is an aura.

Vela the Night-Clad looks an awful lot like a shadow priestess I used to run in World of Warcraft. The evasion combined with mass evasion makes me very interested, but I really love her final ability. It triggers whenever someone leaves the battlefield which is very interesting when combined with ninjitsu and phasing (who expected those abilities to ever be paired up). Add in the rise of flickering effects from Avacyn Restored and I’m very interested in seeing what this card can do.

This brings the Planechase 2 visual spoiler up to four cards in all.