Planechase 2 Spoilers have officially begun!

With the release of Planechase 2 just a matter of weeks away, it’s about time the spoilers have started being revealed.  It’s been almost six months since we saw or heard anything on the set when Wizards showed off these two cards:

But now there are some new things being leaked left and right. MTGSalvation is the source for four potentially leaked cards:

Legendary Ninja 3UUBB
Ninjustu 2UUBB
When ~ deals damage to a player, look at that players and hand and cast an instant or sorcery spell from it.

Mana Rock 3
T: Add one mana of any colour
T: Roll the planer Dice

New card with cascade is a 2/2 for 1GU

UB artifact creature
Deathtouch, flying
When ETB, draw a card

There there is the newest Planechase Promo! If Tazeem is any indicator, get this one while you can!

Stairs to Infinity
Plane – Xerex
Players have no maximum hand size.
Whenever you roll the planar die, draw a card.
Whenever you roll chaos, reveal the top card of your planar deck. You may put it on the bottom of your planar deck.

With Planechase 2 being similar to Commander, we will only be tracking new cards spoiled. This includes 21 new cards, 32 new Planes and 8 new Phenomena. You can find out 61 card visual spoiler here.