Daily Archives April 30, 2012

Baker’s Post: Kaylee’s Strawberry Donuts & Jayne’s Mudders Donuts

I got a ridiculous craving for donuts the other night, and while the craving wasn’t quite strong enough to convince me to make a midnight run to the 24-hour Dunkin’, it did inspire me to think of new ways to use my mini donut factory!  You can buy one yourself from Think Geek, or you can use a donut pan mold.

While I don’t think Kaylee and Jayne would be able to scrounge up enough butter and sugar on the outer planets to make donuts, I reckon that if they could, these are the donuts they would crave.  Kaylee’s donut of choice is obvious:  packed full of her favorite strawberries!  For the Hero of Canton, his donut is a tribute to Mudders Milk, and of course, contains a little alcohol!

Click below for a donut recipe from a former donut semi-professional!  Wait…oh…so working at Tim Horton’s for two years doesn’t make me a donut semi-professional?   I think that since both Jewel Staite and Nathan Fillion are from Canada, they might be with me on this one!

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