Armory Review: Magical d20 of Destiny


I’ve talked before about how hard it can be to get a friend something game related. Sure, I usually know it’s a safe bet to get Bruce any boosters of the latest Magic set whenever a gift giving occasion rolls around but then it comes to finding the right present that is just off the wall enough, it can certainly be a challenge. Especially since not everyone is going to like elf ear jewelry.

ThinkGeek once again went into the depths of the dungeon lab and crafted an object so unique that only the word “absurd” can describe it – the Magic d20 of Destiny! In reality, it is nothing more than the nerdiest Magic 8 Ball you will ever see. Shaped like the classic d20, but much bigger (it’s almost 3.5 inches tall!) this massive die is painted black and white to mimic the classic 8 Ball look.

If you’ve ever used a Magic 8 Ball, there isn’t anything brand new here really. The place where 20 should be is instead a small window that reveals some blue liquid and a special die inside. You ask a question, shake it and then see what twisted fate the d20 reveals. But unlike your average Magic 8 Ball, this one says some very nerdy things.

Your party approaches some rabbits, what should you do?

Should I buy that new staff?

Would a TPK be cruel?

Should we check the alley next to the tavern?

Any gaming nerd will appreciate the references made by the Magic d20 of Destiny. Whether it’s insinuating that the DM favors you, or confirming your last critical hit, it’s a fun and quirky item that brings some smiles. Sadly though, this oversized die will never replace your classic d20.

First off, rolling this thing is a challenge. The massive size when combined with the fact that it is full of blue liquid (which I’m sure will stain your wizard robes) means you only want to roll this on a soft surface – like that hideous couch in your basement that you won’t really care if it gets destroyed. But the biggest issue is the simple fact that rolling this die will result in way too many critical failures. With the 20-spot being replaced by the window, it often ends up sticking on that spot. It will also destroy any minis with ease.

But if you’re looking for a unique way to add some randomness to your campaign without using the 10,000 Magical Effects book, the Magic d20 of Destiny is a fun and unique way to change things up. Just be sure to bring some regular dice along too.

Perfect nerdy gift for a gaming friend
Great sense of humor
Something both 3e and 4e players can enjoy

Doesn’t roll twenties
Afraid it will shatter when rolled on a hard surface
I don’t think it’s really magical.

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