Daily Archives February 6, 2012

Nerdy Music Video: Lord of the Rings Medley

Good lord, this is one hell of a video. Lindsey Sterling got well known for her Legend of Zelda Medley and this just continues the amazingness of it.

Move over Zooey Deschanel, you’ve been out-adorabled.

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Previews for Heroes of the Elemental Chaos

With all the news about D&D Next, it’s easy to forget that there are still exciting 4e products in the works over at Wizards of the Coast. The next one I’m really excited about is Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, the flavorful successor to the Heroes of Shadow and Heroes of the Feywild books, due out at the end of the month. More than just a splat book of powers and character themes, these Heroes of… books are more like mini-campaign-guides and a great way to resurrect old settings like Planescape and Ravenloft. We’re told to expect more from these sorts of atmosphere-heavy settings but they’re still seen as not economical enough for them to re-release in earnest (a point I’m not touching with a standard 10-foot pole).

Anyways, onto the book itself! From the previews released recently, this is not a niche book and it looks chock-full of stuff for gaming groups wanting to run campaigns centered on the Elemental Chaos. Some interesting options have been shown both for some planewalking fun and for those who want a paragon-to-epic-level jaunt through the savage halls of djinns and tanar’ri.

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