The End is Nigh! Reroll Your Sins!

5th Edition Announcement

Well, there has been plenty of speculation about a new edition of D&D since the gameplay polls began to appear in Legends and Lore articles. Here at Castles & Cooks, we’ve been commenting for awhile about the phenomenon and it’s becoming increasingly clear that these polls are quite pointed and probably point to an impending shake-up in the world of D&D. Last week when the expected Legends and Lore article didn’t show up on Monday, Patrick and I talked about what it could mean and whether we should be expecting something like the 3.5e revamp or a completely new edition. I told Patrick to brace himself because it was sure to be a new edition, that Essentials patched some things up but that it had so much blowback from the community they might as well make a new edition if they were going to do anything.

I should have taken my own advice.

It came as a shock today when  the Wizards of the Coast site cheerfully announced the “next iteration” of the game. They were quick to stress the community involvement that will be part of this development, that they have been gathering feedback from fans through the Rule of Three and Legends & Lore columns, and they outlined the schedule that they will be releasing the information on, starting with the D&D Experience convention later this month.

The announcement first appeared in the New York Times video games section (grrr…) and it was followed up by the WotC article and an interview editorial from Morrus on Enworld. Forgotten Realms has been confirmed as a setting that will be supported “from the start” but other details are sketchy.

For now, we just want to make sure that you know about this, and we’ll keep our opinions to ourselves. I will say that it’s encouraging that people are concerned with trying to keep things to the “core” of Dungeons & Dragons. I like the idea of community feedback but this site is also extremely aware of the problem with many cooks in a kitchen. We’ll see how things shake out in the weeks to come.