Armory Review: Critical Hit LED D20 Die

It’s hard to shop for a nerd sometimes. If you’re anything like me, odds are good you buy most things you actually want the day of release. New Magic set comes out? Yeah, I’ve already preordered it. New Batman themed LEGO sets? I grabbed those the day of release too. So when it comes to buying an odd gift for someone who seems to have everything, sometimes weirder is better.

So when you know someone adores Dungeons & Dragons, it can become a mess figuring out what to get them. Do they play 3.5 or 4? Do they DM or not? So the best way out, in my experience, is getting them a solid accessory. Dice bags are great, but one can never have enough dice to fill them with!

Think Geek got a lot of attention when they originally debuted the Critical Hit Die. But the item is so absurd; it just works. Sure, Tom will probably argue that this die is weighted differently but that doesn’t change the simple fact that it is awesome.

An oversized d20, the Critical Hit die stands about an inch and a quarter tall, making it about the size of eight normal Chessix d20 stacked, which is a bit off putting when first used. The large size occasionally wreaks havoc on miniatures, but after messing around with it over a New Years Day gaming session, it’s just weird enough to be fun.

The die is made of translucent red plastic with white text making it easy to read. But the real enjoyment of it is the fact that when you roll the elusive 20, the die flashes bright red for several moments. Yes, it’s kind of dumb but kind of awesome.

This isn’t an accessory I would say you need to own, but it is definitely just odd enough for any Dungeons & Dragons fan to appreciate. The price tag can seem high at first, clocking in at $10, but when compared to some of the more elaborate dice sets, it isn’t unheard of.

It’s a d20!
Light automatically shuts off after a few cycles

It’s big
And kind of hard to roll
Crushes miniatures underfoot

Images from, where you can also buy the Critical Hit for $9.99.