Armory Review: Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

I’ve always loved the odd and off the wall approach to kitchen tools that Fred has. The Mix Sticks and Pastasaurus have been staples in my kitchen for years, so it came as no surprise that I fell in love with the Ninjabread Men cookie cutters.

The premise is delightfully simple, they’re cookie cutters for gingerbread men only posed in kung-fu stances. If you grew up playing any Mortal Kombat as a kid, you’ll immediately think of Liu Kang. You’ve got a punch, a flying kick and a high kick! It’s a great balance, though I would have loved one firing a Hadouken (yes, I know that’s Ryu from Street Fighter).

But reviewing cookie cutters always seems kind of weird. They either work or they don’t. After making a batch of Ninjabread Men for a holiday party, I’m content with these cookie cutters. The size is just the right size for a cookie that takes a few bites. One minor issue though is the flying kick cutter often gets extra dough stuck between his outstretch arm and legs.

Another big thing is the fact that these cookie cutters are plastic. Personally, I prefer plastic ones when they’re made as well as these. But the metallic coloring felt a little deceptive when I opened them.

Included in the set is a recipe for Ninjabread Men. I was hoping these cookies would taste like being kicked in the mouth with ginger, but instead I found the cookie recipe to be very, very bland. If you want to make these, I would probably say double all the spices listed because there just wasn’t much to them. On a positive note, the dough handled very well and baked beautifully – provided you just wanted to make a gingerbread house and not something to actually eat.

As far as cookie cutters go, these are great and a quirky way to add some needed character to your holiday gatherings. They’re well made, dishwasher safe and super easy to clean –  just find a better recipe.

Double as awkward throwing stars
Work as cookie cutters too

Recipe included needs spice
Look like metal, but not metal

Oh and thanks mom for getting me these!