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Ascension Storm of Souls hitting shelves December 16th

From the official Ascension site:

Ascension: Storm of Souls hits stores the week of December 16! Samael is defeated, but the world of Vigil has been left in turmoil in his wake. In Storm of Souls, players will see different factions rise to prominence with the new Event cards, and have powerful new Trophy Monsters to hunt! In addition to the brand-new mechanics, players will also see powerful new takes on popular mechanics from past Ascension releases.


  • A complete 1-4 player game playable on its own or with other Ascension™ games!
  • Combine with other Ascension™ games to play with up to 6 players!
  • All the fun of an open-ended card game without buying limitless cards–everything’s contained in one box!
  • Setup in minutes with no unique pregame preparation
  • Play in less than 30 minutes


  • 200 cards:
    • 101 New Center Deck Cards
    • 59 Always Avalable cards, including 6 of the new Fanatic card!
    • 4 Starting Decks featuring all new art!
  • 50 deluxe honor tokens
  • Full -Color rulebook
  • Game Board
  • Storage tray

MSRP: $39.99

In addition, there is a brand new promotional card available for those who preorder through the website. Behold the glory of Soul Collector!

I honestly think I love the promotional cards more than the regular game. Each promo card seems to add a whole new element of the game that not only shows how much design space is still available, but where future expansions can go!

Will Soul Counters become the norm on Void constructs? I certainly hope so! It’s a simple way to scale power – but be warned: you don’t get a counter for defeating the Cultist (or Fanatic) over and over again! Only real monsters from the center row count! As a single unique card in the portal deck, Soul Collector will gladly become a permanent addition to my set. Now I just need to find some new tokens to use… or dice.

Ascension Storm of Souls can be preordered directly from Gary Games for $39.99.

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