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Latest Legends and Lore: Cause for Concern?

Levers of Doom

If you don’t follow the Legends and Lore articles on Wizards of the Coast (and you missed Patrick’s post a month ago), you might not be aware of two important developments for Dungeons & Dragons. The first is that Monte Cook, a name with a lot of caché among those who played AD&D the game’s second edition, is once again on the Wizards of the Coast payroll to “explore options” for the company’s R&D department and to take over the Legends and Lore series on game philosophy and meta-design. He took over the job from Mike Mearls (a name probably more familiar to younger players) and with his debut article said that there were big parts of the game that he didn’t like.

This leads to the second important development: the community is abuzz with talk of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. There has been no official word from Wizards that this is on the horizon, but from the tone of article series like Legends and Lore it seems like it could be really soon. I hope that most of our readers are familiar with this possibility and have seen other musings on it so I won’t bore you with more. If it is coming, the mission of Legends and Lore to hearken back to the game’s original core is a good idea. However, the latest article by Monte Cook leaves a lot to be desired.

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