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Innistrad Multiplayer & Commander Review: Green

If there is a color I love player more than Red, it’s green. The mana ramp alone makes me adore Green’s ability to cheat the game. While Innistrad didn’t give any new toys like Primeval Titan, it did completely change the way green gets to play with tokens.

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Ambush Viper

I’ve been a huge fan of green’s pseudo-removal of late. Deadly Recluse, Death-Hood Cobra and Thornweald Archer are all classic staples in my casual decks because they work so well at either deterring attacks or drawing out removal spells. Ambush Viper continues that trend well and while I don’t see this guy taking over EDH tables, a green instant that basically says “1G to destroy target attacking creature without flying” is something green can really use.

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Exclusive Magic FNM&Ms this weekend

With this weekend being informally known as Halloweekend, even Wizards of the Coast is getting in on the action by giving away exclusive Innistrad themed M&Ms!

Magic M&Ms!

And the other side:

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