The Great Food Truck Race 2 Recap: The Finale

Last night marked the finale of the Great Food Truck Race 2 and maybe it was the state of exhaustion I was in having helped prep a few dozen cupcakes, or maybe the grilling of veggies and steak for lunch this week, but for a finale it didn’t seem that exciting. The combination of over the top editing made the whole thing feel artificially neck and neck.

Hodge Podge and The Lime Truck faced off on the streets ofMiamiand the real challenge was simple: first truck to earn $15,000 would win the grand prize of $100,000. Plus more than a few speed bumps along the way to mix up the game a bit.

Overall, it was more of the same with the Lime Truck finally getting to make a menu they were proud of with ceviche and high end tacos, while Hodge Podge offered up some lobster tacos. The first speed bump was entertaining – both teams had 5 minutes to only take their essentials before having their trucks towed away. The only way to get it back was to earn $200 by selling whatever they could. Lime Truck went with doing a cooking demonstration of mussels, while Hodge Podge was selling tuna sashimi off the roof of his car. In a close move, Hodge Podge got their truck back first – and so quickly their previously prepped food was still warm!

The second speed bump came when the trucks were forced to pack up and call it a night before a short challenge on the sea. Both teams had only half an hour to go deep sea fishing and then prepare a dish using their freshly caught fish. Lime Truck narrowly took this victory for their two ways tuna and got to add $1500 to their till.

The final speed bump was the most delicious – the trucks were going all dessert! Hodge Podge managed to sell their dessert platter for $35 a pop, while Lime Truck kept (supposedly) trying to play catch up. The editing was weird and over the top, so while you were meant to think it was neck and neck, the placement of the sun kept changing.

So once each group managed to reach the $15,000 mark at almost the exact same time, the race was on to meet Tyler Florence at the beach. The first one there would win the grand prize and in an anticlimactic move, The Lime Truck made it there first.Tylerplayed a game by handing them a briefcase and telling them to open it – without telling them if they won first or not. A few minutes later, Hodge Podge rolled in only to be oddly okay with losing. And that was it, the show just ended like they ran out of film or something.

Or maybe the Lime Truck dance isn’t safe for TV.