The Great Food Truck Race Recap: Welcome to Hotlanta

It seems like no one else is talking about The Great Food Truck Race, but people seem eager for some information on it. So with the penultimate episode airing yesterday, it’s worth recapping what has happened in quite possibly the greatest food-themed reality TV show on the air (though Restaurant Impossible is a close second). I mean, where else can you see stunningly adorable vegans compete against some Korean BBQ that will go as far as cheating to stay in the game? No where!

After traveling across the country with some bumps and bruises, three trucks remained in this episode: Lime Truck from the OC (don’t call it that), Hodge Podge from Cleveland and Roxy’s from good old Boston (I might be a tad biased [also, I’m sorry for all these asides in parentheses]). It’s been crazy, but this week the trucks were in Hotlanta, a city I’m slowly become more familiar with.

The Truck Stop challenge is an oddity, where the trucks have to take Atlanta’s two famous foods zombies peaches and peanuts and make a dish that combines them. Oh, and they aren’t provided with peanuts or peaches so the trucks get to beg for them. Lime goes with a duo that is one dish with peaches and one with peanuts, so they get shot down.

Hodge Podge wasn’t able to find any fresh peaches, so they had to make do with making a sauce out of peach cobbler. Unsurprisingly, the guest judge Chef Kevin Rathbun said it was too sweet. But Roxy’s stepped up with a win. Roxy’s stole the win and won a giant golden peach for their troubles, which, while marketed on a throne of lies about how it would “a guaranteed spot in the finals,” but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the peach was worth $1000 in the truck’s till up front.

With two days in Atlanta and the goal of getting as much cash as possible, the trucks worked on revising their menus and didn’t dumb them down this time around. Roxy’s had a rough start and parked in a dead zone, while Hodge Podge snagged an exclusive spot near some serious foot traffic. But it was a mess, especially once Tyler Florence offered up the speed bump:

Each truck had to sacrifice their head cook.

Hodge Podge floundered since Catie and Jacquelyn barely had any experience in the truck while Chris got to enjoy a day looking at art in a museum. Roxy’s held up well because, let’s be a touch honest, grilled cheese isn’t super complicated and almost everything had been prepped. So James and Marc stopped fighting for once and divided the truck down the middle while Marc left the truck. Lime truck faired the best because while Jason is the head chef, Jesse also is a chef who can hold his own while Daniel did what he could to help.

It was a great twist, but what really mattered were the tallies at the end of the weekend. The three trucks combined brought in an astounding $24,000 – and in a surprising twist, Hodge Podge accounted for almost $9000 on their own! But sadly the Bostonian brothers in the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese had to drive home after suffering a harsh defeat at the hands of their nemeses, the Lime Truck. We’ll be back next week with the final recap as these two trucks battle it out for $100,000 and the harsh realization that it sucks when your truck gets towed.