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Storming the Castle! Of Dice and Men Coming to Oglethorpe University

Of Dice and Men (ODaM), the Dungeons & Dragons play created by Cameron McNary, had the premiere of its first full production (outside of PAX) this weekend at the IMPACT Theatre in Berkeley, California. Meanwhile, down in Georgia, a college production of the play is about to kick off at Oglethorpe University.  Recently we spoke with Danielle Hitchcock – a senior at Oglethorpe who will be directing the play – about her expectations for the production, how she found out about the play and most importantly what super-power she wants.

As a member of Oglethorpe’s Alpha Psi Omega (APO) theatre fraternity, Hitchcock became aware of the play after a fellow member heard about the performance at Pax Prime last year. Several of the fraternity members are gamers, and while Hitchcock has only recently been exposed to tabletop gaming, she was excited by the message and prospects of the show. “I would say that the thing that really hooked me is just how real it is.  The characters are all real people.  They are so alive and the emotions are so tangible throughout because everything in this script is truthful. It’s really the truth of the relationships and emotions that got me.”

Hitchcock remarked that there wasn’t a singular “aha” moment where she knew she had to direct the play, but it was more the emotional connection she developed to the characters and story, despite not being a hardcore gamer. “Most of my friend group is composed of pretty hardcore gamers, so these are people that I know and care about…The characters in this play are the people I see everyday and the tight knit friendships that Cameron displays in ODaM are ones that I have.”

As Hitchcock also mentioned, it helps that the play “is absolutely hysterical, but that’s just gravy.”

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Monsters & Madness: A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson

Themes by William O'Connor
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For those of you keeping score at home, we’ve come to the end of the Monsters & Madness series. I’ve come to know how much I didn’t know at the beginning of this process but I think I’ve explored the world of the Cthulhu mythos pretty evenly now, which my Call of Cthulhu character will both appreciate and despise. Actually, taking my cue from that RPG, does knowing more about the mythos mean that I’m a little more insane now? Let’s hope not, all the people in my head do.

From the beginning I knew that there were already many Cthulhu games out there (including Call of CthulhuCthulhuTech, and Arkham Horror) so making another game with new rules was not going to interest anybody, let alone me. Instead, Monsters & Madness is more of a mash-up between Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons. With any luck, it combines the best qualities of each of these, being recognizably and thoroughly D&D with elements of the mythos woven throughout so that one never forgets that it is also something different.

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