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D&D Video Games Update: More D&D Video Games!

Sadly, Tom’s heartfelt plea from a few weeks ago has fallen on deaf ears: D&D video games continue to march along.

In the latest development, the tie-in for the new Neverwinter campaign setting for D&D (focusing on the eponymous Forgotten Realms city, itself the setting for a few well-known video games) had been delayed for some time. A casual Facebook game, Heroes of Neverwinter, was snagged just before release by a lawsuit between Wizards of the Coast and Atari that started back in 2009. It looks like the dispute has been settled in court, so you can look forward to your News Feeds being filled with your gamer friends’ Heroes of Neverwinter posts: “Patrick just found a baby umber hulk in Dungeonville!”

I’m not really sold on Heroes of Neverwinter. I don’t play Facebook games, and I don’t usually care much for Forgotten Realms anyway. Dice Monkey, though, posted a positive review of HoN recently, including a link to the beta.

The other D&D game in development, some kind of PC title also set in Neverwinter. It was also going to come out this year, but it looks like, in all the fray, that game is going back to the drawing board. Will it be the elusive D&D video game that finally restores Tom’s faith in the concept of such a thing? Probably not, but we’ll have to wait and see. (Tom’s note: hell no).

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Music Video: POTTERMORE by Alex Carpenter

Based on everything that’s been going on with POTTERMORE (I’m still waiting for my invite), now the big worry is about people getting sorting in the wrong house. I better stay in Slytherin…

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