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The Great Food Truck Race Recap: Trucking Ain’t Easy

Last year’s Great American Food Truck Race was a short-run reality series that tapped into the growing popularity of food trucks in America. One year later, the series now returns with more trucks and more wrinkles. Oh, and they’ll now be competing for $100,000 instead of last year’s prize purse of $50,000.

Tyler Florence, who is the definition of neutral returns as the host. I like Tyler, and always enjoyed his Tyler’s Ultimate show for not having a lot of bells and whistles.One of the first shows on Food Network shot in HD it’s just him in a kitchen making simple American food. That being said, “his staff has no color”.

Eight trucks appear this season, running the entire spectrum of cuisines and geographic locales. They all have one thing in common, they describe themselves as “gourmet”. There is also an incredible California slant to this collection of competitors with 5 of the 8 trucks calling California home.

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Monsters & Madness: (Mechanics) From Beyond

Eladrin Nethermancer by Mark Winter

So far in this series, I’ve outlined the cosmology of the setting and how the various races fit into that picture. I’ve been concentrating on very definitive aspects of this game because the concept was so large: a merger of Dungeons & Dragons and H.P. Lovecraft, two giants in the fantasy genre. I think that I’ve cemented the relationship between the two well and I have a strong concept of how it all fits together, including writing up some location descriptions to place some of Lovecraft’s infamous locales into a multi-plane setting which can be explored and which feels coherent.

I won’t pretend that world-building and description aren’t my favorite part of roleplaying. I’ve been the DM in my gaming groups more often than not and my biggest struggle in this position is to reign myself back and keep from getting too complex. My NPCs have histories and inter-relationships so that any tug on the web of the plot causes vibrations through the whole thing. Luckily I have a group right now that loves that sort of thing. For this setting, though, I need to think about the mechanical side of things as well as the fluff. It’s not enough to paint big pictures of Great Old Ones and foul cities of dark ritual and human sacrifice. This needs to feel like a different setting as much as Dark Sun does.

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