Cryomancer’s Review: Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Pint

When I’m on the road and stuck in a hotel for a week, I always make sure to pick up a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s to devour as I work my way through my Netflix Watch Instantly Queue. But after watching the first episode of Sherlock and munching on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s latest offerings, I think I reached something akin to nirvana.

Chocolate & Irish coffee liqueur ice creams with a chocolate cookie swirl.

When Vermont’s early spring weather brings us Mud Season, we make Mud Pie. An exquisite mix of creamy coffee liqueur and chocolate ice creams with a uniquely sedimentary swirl of chocolate cookie crumbles, it’s quite possible the most luscious mud you’ll ever love getting stuck in. Here’s mud in your eye!

Now for some reason this pint has been marked as “new,” but that doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. It’s clearly intended to be a spring time flavor so finding it in early August makes me think someone found a case of it in a freezer. But new or not, this flavor is absolutely delicious.

Ben & Jerry’s rarely gets enough credit when it comes to just how good their ice cream bases really are. The chocolate ice cream is creamy, smooth with the right balance of chocolate so it doesn’t overpower the Irish coffee liqueur ice cream. Anyone who knows me knows I love cocktail flavors in my desserts, so getting an Irish coffee liqueur is great. Granted, this is probably the same flavoring as Dublin Mudslide. Either way, the two flavors combine harmoniously.

But two delicious, smooth ice creams would be boring and the final touch shows where Ben & Jerry’s really excel: the chocolate cookie swirl. I have no idea what sort of element mastery those cryomancers have managed to pull off but this truly a stunning feat. The cookies are crunchy with a wonderful texture that somehow managed to not get soggy at all in the ice cream. They’re dense and chocolately without being overly sweet. The ribbons of cookies are a real treat.

If you like chocolate, coffee and cookies, you’ll almost definitely like this pint. Mud Pie completely shows why Ben & Jerry’s is considered one of the best brands out there with a flavor that works so well. Now all I want to do is grab a blender, scoop in half a pint and top it off with Bailey’s before blending it all together.