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Nerdy Music Video: Tonight (D&D Song)

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Cryomancer’s Review: Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Pint

When I’m on the road and stuck in a hotel for a week, I always make sure to pick up a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s to devour as I work my way through my Netflix Watch Instantly Queue. But after watching the first episode of Sherlock and munching on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s latest offerings, I think I reached something akin to nirvana.

Chocolate & Irish coffee liqueur ice creams with a chocolate cookie swirl.

When Vermont’s early spring weather brings us Mud Season, we make Mud Pie. An exquisite mix of creamy coffee liqueur and chocolate ice creams with a uniquely sedimentary swirl of chocolate cookie crumbles, it’s quite possible the most luscious mud you’ll ever love getting stuck in. Here’s mud in your eye!

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