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Monsters & Madness: City of the Great Race(s), part 2

H. P. is my Homeboy

Continuing from the last post, I’m working on integrating traditional D&D races into Monsters & Madness. I don’t want them to be unrecognizably weird and in fact I’d like to have everything that can be found in core Dungeons & Dragons available in this game in some form. There are still woodland villages of elves and deep dwarven fortresses, they are just filled with paranoia and shrines to black gods. You know, small changes.

Continuing on with the other factions I need to take a step back and think about the differences between the Outer Gods and Dreamlords and the Great Old Ones and Primal Elders. Each faction is distinctly different, as I explained a few weeks ago, but there is a slight divide between last post’s dark powers and this post’s. First of all, the Great Old Ones and Primal Elders have vested stakes and strong presences in the Mortal Realm while the Outer Gods and Dreamlords do not. Each of last post’s groups claim some territory in other planes but the Outer Gods and Dreamlords have all of their territory in the greater cosmology. This makes them a little more stand-offish and a little more alien. It’s one thing to have a god-king occupying your city and demanding inconceivably large amounts of tribute, but in some ways this is like a mortal king writ large. The Outer Gods are cosmic beings without distinct form who speak through whispers in dark corners of the planes and the Dreamlords are enigmatic beings at once trapped in and in complete of the Dreamlands where all sleeping minds go. There is no going down to their palace or scheduling an audience even if you would want to. As more distant, estranged masters the Outer Gods and Dreamlords need some more self-sufficient and strange servants. Let’s see what we can find them…

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