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Portals of the Week

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Get Thee to Berkeley California: Of Dice and Men Premieres at the Impact Theatre on August 25th!

Written by Castles and Cooks favorite playwright – Cameron McNary – Of Dice and Men is the story of a group of older gamers and investigates the passion behind why we play Dungeons and Dragons and who we choose to play with. Equal parts funny and touching it’ll make you want to give your friends a big hug and then go roam through the Tomb of Horrors with them.

We’ve been following Cameron and his play ever since the first PAX East where a stage reading absolutely brought the house down. Six months later at Pax Prime, the first ever production stole the show when over 550 people packed a theater at the Seattle gaming show. Frankly, we’re fanatical about it and anxiously await for a production to come to the east coast so we can bask in its glory (fingers crossed for PAX East 2012). If you’re a hardcore player, weekend dungeon delver or just someone that enjoys well written theatre, you’ll love this.

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