Daily Archives August 4, 2011

Cooking Will Set You Free

You may not currently be aware, but you could be a prisoner in your own life.

In Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain’s latest tome about the world of food, the grand wizard offers a chapter on “virtue” and puts forward the idea that all men and women should learn to cook, even at a basic level starting around the age of puberty. He goes on at length discussing some of the reasons many young people cannot or do not cook and ends with a list that he argues should stand as all the basic cooking skills that people should learn. These range from rudimentary knife skills, to roasting a chicken and making soups.

It is a smart and engaging chapter, but he doesn’t quite go far enough in arguing why we should all know how to cook. Sure he talks about the importance of family meals to social stability, the health aspects of home cooking as well as cost savings; but frankly the answer is much simpler than that. You will never be independent unless you know how to cook.

Let’s repeat that. You will never be independent unless you learn to cook. You may pay your own rent, tie your own shoes and even wipe your own ass. However, if you can’t cook there’s no difference between you and the infant sucking on mom’s teet, except that the kid is probably getting more action than you are.

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