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Nerdy Music Video: Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die

Excellent piano cover with decent enough lyrics, this isn’t half bad (also I figured I needed to take a break from plugging Meekakitty all the time).

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LEGO Heroica Review: Draida Bay #3857

When I picked up LEGO Heroica, I just grabbed all of the sets because they were on sale. But the order I opened and built them is the order I’m reviewing them in. If you haven’t already visited Heroica Waldurk Forest, I suggest you do so because most of the rules and mechanics are covered there.

The Goblin army has seized control of Draida Bay, cutting off supplies to the region. You must take a stand against the Goblins, but can you defeat the powerful Goblin General and take his Crystal of Deflection?

Suggested ages: 7 and up
Number of players: 2
Playing time: 5-10 minutes
Contents: 101 LEGO bricks, eight Microfigures, 1 buildable LEGO die, building instructions, rules booklet (in English, French and Spanish) and a mission map
Retail price: $14.99 available at Amazon.com or LEGO Shop

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