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Baker’s Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Buns

The Thespian Hall was near empty this time of day. Most of Baldric had not yet risen, or perhaps more realistically had not yet retired. Most were still out enjoying the last few precious hours before Athas’ sun returned to restore the blistering heat to the desert world. Atrix stood in the back pantry pushing aside containers, frantically searching. Finally she was rewarded when she noticed the small wooden chest near the back corner. Clasping onto it she held it close and returned to the kitchen where her father was rolling down muttering under his breath as he went.

Atrix held out the chest carefully as he flipped it open to reveal a dark rich powder. Cinnamon. Atrix’s father inhaled the sweet smell of the spice and smiled. “Were the very sands of Athas made from this, the world would not be so terrible a place child.” He reached in and pulled out a good handful, sprinkling it down into the dough, folding it in with his hands.

Atrix nodded and closed the chest, returning it to the hiding place back among the taverns other wares. Returning to the kitchen to help her father finish crafting the Hall’s well known breakfast. The food that would fuel Baldric for another day. “You must treat the roll as you would a child” her father would tell her. “Be firm with it, but gentle. Give it time to rest when needed and do not be in a rush to have it grow. Your patience will always be rewarded.”

Hours later, Atrix placed the rack near the window and clicked open the shutters; the smell wafting down the winding streets, calling the Hall’s many patrons back home.

The recipe is based on that of grand artificer Alton Brown’s “Overnight Cinnamon Rolls”. The ingredients and amounts vary somewhat, though the techniques remain mostly intact. Best not to mess to much with a good thing. It should be noted that this process takes awhile. In fact, it is probably more accurate to measure the preparation time for this recipe in days rather than hours.

Yes, I know that probably makes you want to run toward the Pillsbury Druid and his insta-rolls, but trust me. Though time consuming, the results are well worth the effort and leave themselves open to tremendous variation. Plus when you show up at the pot luck or group brunch or family reunion and drop these on the table, you win. As we all know, life is about two things and two things only. Eating delicious food and winning.

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