Magic 2012 Commander & Multiplayer Review: Artifacts & Lands

With the set reviewing coming to a close, it’s time for some of the best and weirdest cards in the set. Artifacts (usually) mean anyone can use them so getting a handful of them is always exciting. But if there is one thing Wizards now does really well, it’s flavorful and useful artifacts in the Core sets.

Magic 2012 Reviews
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Adaptive Automaton

The lord of all lords! Adaptive Automaton is a genius way to finally give all of those terrible tribes a lord to rule over them! Sure, someone of you are going to use him on elves, zombies or goblins but that’s just boring. This guy shines when it comes doing weird things – like making giant homarids or a stampede of antelopes!

I expect this robot to stick around for years to come and I’m perfectly okay with it because he’s delightfully fun.

Crumbling Colossus

This might be the most terrifying wall I’ve ever seen. With a power of seven, Crumbling Colossus is going to hit very, very hard. What he reminds me most of is Ball Lightning, massive power and trample makes his single attack devastating.

Sure, there’s no haste but with Pandemonium or Warstorm Surge this colossus will crush everyone. Don’t underestimate this guy, seriously.

Druidic Satchel

I have to remind myself constantly that this isn’t a green card. Token generating, mana acceleration and life gain all on a single card? The satchel is one of those cards that is going to win a lot of battles without anyone realizing it. Outside of green, this bag really shines as it provides blue with mana acceleration and red with life gain.

Get at least one of these for your Commander deck, and then four more for casual because this is a card that is always going to be fun.


Not every card can be a winner. For the exact same amount of mana, you could have any of the Swords. Maybe in your uncommon Cube this could work.

Kite Shield

Clearly Accorder’s Shield was overpowered.


I love this card. Sure, it isn’t as good as Darksteel Ingot but if you’re running any of the wedges, you finally have another mana producer since you can’t use any of the Obelisks and if you’re running enemy-pairs then it’s worth grabbing one of these.

Is it ground breaking in its awesomeness? Not at all, but it improves consistency in Commander almost as well as Command Tower.

Rusted Sentinel

I don’t get reverse-haste. Outside of limited, I don’t know why you’d ever want to play then unless you really liked your Masako the Humorless deck.

Sundial of the Infinite

This card is terrifying! In Commander, it allows you to run Phage the Untouchable as your commander and be able to cast her! Slap in some mana acceleration and you can drop her on turn 4! But comboing with Phage is only the beginning because this turns Final Fortune into a 3-mana time walk in red too.

This card will break lots and lots of things. Now I just can’t wait for someone to make some awful infinite combo with this, Mindslaver and a few Bazaar Traders.

Swiftfoot Boots

Lightning Greaves is one of the few true Commander staples and Swiftfoot Boots is the so close to being just as good little brother. After the Commander decks included the Greaves, this is a great way to up the consistency of the format. Grab at least one of these because everyone is going to want one.

Buried Ruin

Academy Tower would like to remind you of how good it is.


Pentavus returns to a world where proliferation is everywhere allowing for some lovely combos. Quicksilver Amulet is a great way to cheat big spells into play for cheap – like Progenitus! Solemn Simulacrum is both a Commander staple and a lovely spell in every arsenal. Thran Golem may be demoted to uncommon, but tossing a Rancor on him and he’ll be okay. Oddly, Worldslayer returns as well. The only non-basics are the new duals like Dragonskull Summit and I’m perfectly okay with that too since my playsets aren’t quite complete.

Magic 2012 Reviews
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