Happy birthday to us!

It’s hard to believe that Castles & Cooks has only been running for a year. Between discussing the concept of this site between drinks and dinners with Tom during our years at college, we’ve managed to go from a website that only got 557 page views in our first two weeks to getting almost 120,000 page views in the last two weeks.

It’s funny to think of how excited we were when we broke 100,000 page views and celebrated with a pizza the size of my kitchen table. But between some fantastic recipes, reviews and news, Castles & Cooks has grown far better than I think any of us expected with us quickly closing in on the half million mark by the end of the month.

So to Tom, Colin and Patrick, thanks for all your hard work contributing to the site – if I was the only one writing it would just be about Top Chef and Magic: the Gathering, your recipes, reviews and Dungeons & Dragons articles continue to blow me away. John, you deserve a special mention for your phenomenal artwork that graces our site.

And to all of our readers, thank you for all your support over the last year.

Now lets break that million page view mark!



I have difficulty fathoming what achieving 100k page views is. More difficult is comprehending that I was somehow involved with accomplishing that feat. We’ve blown well past that fateful night where I learned that the trunk of my car is indeed 3 feet by 3 feet, but on the whole I’m still coming to grips with it.  I guess this Internet thing might not be a fad after all.

I can’t thank Jesse enough for staring at me across a table at Jacob Wirth’s one night and telling me he had an idea to mesh gaming and food. Then Patrick and Colin came along and helped us push the site beyond what the two of us originally imagined was possible. John’s artwork has given us a level of legitimacy without which this site just does not work. I’m more than happy to say that I am the least talented individual involved with this wacky project.

We’re all very excited to see what the next year brings, as the site continues to evolve and improve. As always, none of this matters without you the readers. Whether you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or just fire up our homepage day after day, we couldn’t thank you enough.