Game Review: Munchkin’s Monster Enhancers

It’s useful that Steve Jackson Games tends to print a bunch of products around the same time so I can just buy a bunch of them and flood my Munchkin decks with new cards. So while Munchkinomicon adds a whole new element to the game, Monster Enhancers takes what works and just gives you more of it – messing with people during combat!

Are you tired of beating up on wimpy monsters? Of course not: you’re a munchkin!

Are you tired of watching your opponents beat up on wimpy monsters? Of course you are: you’re a munchkin!

Contents: 15 Door cards and rules insert
Usable with: ANY Munchkin game, but designed for Munchkin Prime
Retail Price: $4.99, available at Amazon or Warehouse 23

A booster of 15 non-randomized cards, Monster Enhancers contains only door cards that either curse you or mess around with combat in some newfound and nefarious way. Most of the cards are reprints that originally were included in Munchkin 7 – More Good Cards, but that’s out of print and has been replaced with Munchkin 7 – Cheat with Both Hands. Confused? It happens.

Long story short, SJ Games decided the cards needed to be played with and released a small booster expansion to mess up everyone in battle and it definitely works.

The make up of the booster are four +5 to monster, four +10 to monster, two curses, three combat tricks and two enhancer enhancers.

The standard +5 to monster cards aren’t exciting, but more chances to mess with someone are always appreciated. At least until you stumble upon Level-Draining or Generic, which allow monsters to keep coming back until they’re defeated. It’s delightfully twisted – especially when someone keeps killing you with level 20s.

The +10 to Monster modifiers aren’t terribly exciting but get the job done. I especially enjoy Lethal, which not only gives +10 but also adds “you are dead” to the monster’s bad stuff. Nothing like being slain by the Lethal Potted Plant!

The curses were both included with Marked For Death and take away either your best bonus or most valuable gear. That’s the way curses should be, because that backpack keeps eating everything!

For changing up combat, … And its Little Friends gives everyone a chance to essentially play a Wandering Monster card for free and really mess with one round of combat.

The final are enhancer enhancers which allow you to modify modifiers that get played on monsters. For the English majors in the crowd, they’re just adverbs. They work to modify by either a positive or negative value of the card as it already has. So they can be a lot of fun, but I feel like they would have been better suited just being regular modifiers.

As an expansion, this doesn’t add nearly the same amount of value as the Munchkinomicon. Sure, all of the cards are fun and a few of them really excite me, but at the end of the day this is just a booster full of combat tricks. If you feel like your box needs more, then by all means, pick this one up. None of these cards are bad, it just ads more of the same to the game and that isn’t always a bad thing.


  • Cheap way to add more cards without learning a bunch of new rules
  • Nasty combat tricks keep Munchkins on their toes
  • There’s nothing like dying to an Unspeakably Lethal Gazebo


  • Doesn’t add anything new to the game
  • Enhancer enhancers should really just be modifiers