Daily Archives February 24, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars Recap: A Budding Bromance

With only six cheftestants left, tension is beginning to rise a bit in the Top Chef house. The remaining chefs get ready for battle. Richard Blais  says his secret is drawing pictures, keeping copious notes (in stylish Moleskins of course) and planning like a mad scientist. Tiffany counters by saying that looking good and feeling good means performing well, so she puts on some makeup.

As they made their way to the kitchen for another Quickfire, the chefs were surprised by the appearance of the Butter Queen herself, Paula Deen as the guest judge. Carla was especially enamored with Paula’s hair, for what it’s worth. Ms. Deen had a very simple request. Fry her up something good. The winner takes home $5,000. Five grand for food that probably will take 5 years off your life? Sounds like a good deal to me.

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