Daily Archives February 21, 2011

So You Want to Be a DM: Field Research

As we continue our series looking at what it takes to be a dungeon master Рand more specifically a good one Рwe focus now on our games preparation. A DM has to be knowledgeable enough of his/her setting that should the characters decide to veer off the meticulously created plot-line of the DM, that he/she will be able to adapt and create new encounters and challenges that are consistent with the setting. Knowing the ins and outs of the world your players inhabit is paramount.

To that end there are campaign setting books aplenty, with all the background knowledge and game mechanics you can shake a fire sword at. Yet, these are not the only tomes available to the DM. Over the years several prominent fantasy authors have written many books set in the various D&D campaign settings. Aside from giving more flavor of what each of the settings is like, these novels can provide inspiration for plot hooks, NPCs, battle encounters, and quests.

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