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Virtual Tabletop Update: More Invites Are Coming

Beta testers of the D&D Virtual Table heard the news today about some upcoming changes to the anticipated D&D VT, currently in closed testing. Here’s a recap in case you missed the announcement or aren’t a beta tester but want to know where we are on the timeline to a public release.

The first announcement is that March will see a new phase of the D&D VT beta. Out with the “Friends and Family” (as they have called it) phase and in with the “D&D Insider” phase.

The Good News

Groups of D&D Insider subscribers will gradually gain access to the beta. In time, the announcement says, “the number of participants will increase dramatically.” This will make it easier to find a table to join. Thank goodness, because I haven’t personally had much luck getting into any pickup games using the VT.

The Bad News

Once the new phase begins, you won’t (for a little while) be able to import/export adventure files. They’re working on a way to reintroduce this feature, and I suspect it will make the system less susceptible to distributing their print adventures for free. They’re moving to a more cloud-based format. Look for an update on this “in the next few weeks.” If you liked using this feature to share creations with the community, you’ll have to get used to life without it for a little while.

What Stays the Same, and a Blackout Week

If you already have beta access, you’ll still have it, and your VT content will still be saved. But, the VT will be down for a week to make the changes. Specifically, it will be offline from 2/28 until 3/6. Make sure you get all your imports/exports done before then. Any adventures saved to your VT account will still be there when it comes back in March.

Do you use the VT beta for your games? Have you experimented with it? Are you itching to get your hands on it? Leave a comment.

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