Gamer Food Energy Bars Review & Giveaway!

The food for nerds and geeks has been Mountain Dew and Doritos for far too long. Disgustingly sweet sugar water and chips coated in dust aren’t exactly the most appetizing options available. So a new company has come forward to try and make a geeky snack for gamers: Gamer Food!

Describing themselves as “Cirque du Soleil meets Lord of the Rings meets Cain and Abel… just without the whole fratricide part,” Gamer Food’s two founders, Christopher and Michael Davis, have launched a new product line of energy bars targeting the gamer demographic.

But these aren’t just your every day granola and Powerbars, these are specially made and inspired by some of Blizzard’s classic games: Warcraft and Starcraft. Chris was kind enough to send us some samples for a review – and we’re giving away two bars to one of our readers!

Zerg Rush (Cookie Dough)

Concentrated gamer fuel infused with a delicious blend of cashew butter, clover honey, chocolate chips, vanilla and caffeine.

45 grams
Calories 190 (90 from fat)

While I’m not sure how cookie dough is inspired by the deadly Zerg rush maneuver, this little bar ends up being more cashew than cookie dough. The taste isn’t bad, but it’s one of those items that definitely taste healthy. An extra handful of Ghirardelli chocolate chips would go a long way. During our tasting party, we found this bar to be lacking a touch of salt.

Visually, it looks like most granola bars. Not exactly the most pleasant but it’s still world’s better than a super processed Powerbar. But the clear packaging seems kind of off putting.

Health Bar (Goji Macadamia)

Concentrated gamer fuel infused with a delicious blend of macadamia butter, goji berries, cherries, guarana, and all natural vitamins.

45 grams
Calories 190 (90 from fat)

With the clear wrapper, one thing immediately jumped out at us when looking at the Health Bar – goji berries and cherries look like sundried tomatoes. But visually, they added some needed color to contrast from the raisins.

And that’s the defining taste in the Health Bar – raisins. We didn’t get the taste of goji berries or cherries; we just got the super sweet taste of raisins. Personally, I like raisins but the amount of them used was overwhelming.

Neither of the bars we tried was bad, they were much better than the average run of the mill energy bar and we love that exceptionally high quality of ingredients – most of them are organic or are high end like Ghirardelli chocolate. But these aren’t exactly the kind of foods we want to eat before a marathon session of Rock Band 3 or Dungeons & Dragons.

These bars are the kind of food to have before a workout session. They’re small, flavorful and packed full of energies that a gamer will never need while toggling the joystick or rolling dice.

But that isn’t to say nerds have no use for them. If you work out regularly and are looking for a different kind of snack that has attributes like “Health,” “Energy,” and “Focus” then these are a fun little way to express your nerdom.

There is one place though where gamers and geeks will need this kind of stuff though: conventions. With more and more conventions happening like GenCon, PAX, DragonCon and SDCC, that’s the perfect place to grab a few of these to have on hand. They’re small, they’re compact and they’re perfect for keeping you from starving while waiting in line to see the Protomen and Jonathon Coulton.

Gamer Food bars are made for the active gamer, the one who is out and about actually doing stuff. What they really need to do is track down Felicia Day and get her to endorse them!

Gamer Food bars are sold in three-packs for $10. Use the coupon code “castlesandcooksrocks” to get 10% off your order!

Want to try them? We’ve got two bars to give away to one lucky reader: a Protoss Delight (Almond Cherry) and Rage Bar (Chocolate Infusion)! Just leave a comment with what theme and flavor you think Gamer Food should do next! The most creative entry wins!Contest ends February 15th, 2011 at 11:59 PM.

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