Daily Archives February 8, 2011

Gamer Food Energy Bars Review & Giveaway!

The food for nerds and geeks has been Mountain Dew and Doritos for far too long. Disgustingly sweet sugar water and chips coated in dust aren’t exactly the most appetizing options available. So a new company has come forward to try and make a geeky snack for gamers: Gamer Food!

Describing themselves as “Cirque du Soleil meets Lord of the Rings meets Cain and Abel… just without the whole fratricide part,” Gamer Food’s two founders, Christopher and Michael Davis, have launched a new product line of energy bars targeting the gamer demographic.

But these aren’t just your every day granola and Powerbars, these are specially made and inspired by some of Blizzard’s classic games: Warcraft and Starcraft. Chris was kind enough to send us some samples for a review – and we’re giving away two bars to one of our readers!

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