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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: An Offer They Can’t Refuse

With only nine chef’testants remaining, this season of Top Chef is starting to wind down. That means we like almost everyone left and a lot of these chefs are excellent. Note: I didn’t say all of them.

This week’s elimination challenge actually made sense for this show, but was kind of stupid. Much like when the chefs are tasked to mix drinks, this time the chefs were going to be judged entirely on plating. There would be no tasting by guest judge Isaac Mizrahi, who looks oddly like a Batman villain.

Carla talked about his history as a runway model in Paris and Angelo rambled on about his love of fashion (does he love everything?). But since none of these dishes were meant to be eaten, what they were made out of doesn’t even matter!

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Portals of the Week

General Nerdery

Crackpot Tolkien Theories – Sure you’ve read the Lord of the Rings, but how do you know you’re not being sold a bill of goods? Check out this website to learn the truth! (I particularly like the one about Tom Bombadil being the Witch-King of Angmar in disguise… I’m actually pretty convinced!)

PC Diagnostic Dice – If you enjoy messing with the computer illiterate and doing some pen-and-paper gaming, check out these diagnostic dice. As the creators point out, in many cases they’ll be just as accurate as the person’s own diagnosis!

Ham Solo in CandyBaronite – I need this mold and need to make these.


Chefs and the “F” word – Foodies! Why chefs hate them and why foodies need to start using their own heads.

Taco Bell Fights Back! – Claims their ground beef is 88% beef. Is that comforting? I think beef should be 100% cow.

The 10 Sexiest Male and Female Chefs – Could they have possibly picked worse photos of Casey and Bourdain? Well, probably.

10 Cooking Techniques Everyone should know – People don’t know how to boil and shuck crabs? What about lobsters? And I don’t think knowing how to open an oyster is essential. This is clearly biased towards the deliciousness of the sea!

Learning to Cook – I fear this is how too many people see cooking.

Super Hero Cupcakes – These are absolutely incredible! The Harley Quinn is especially adorable.

Casting time for Top Chef – Think you have what it takes? Then tryout for Top Chef Season 9 or Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2 (oh dear god, they’re making a second season).


Muse Vessel – Three of the Star City Games Talent Search teamed up together to start their own site about Multiplayer Magic, check it out!

Worst RPG Characters – And this is why when you have a good gaming group, you don’t let anyone new in.

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