Celebrating 100,000 Page Views with an Epic Pizza

A little while back, Castles and Cooks celebrated our 100,000th page view. So when Tom finally came up last weekend, we knew we had to celebrate this milestone with something a little different. Earlier I had been to the local pizza chain, the Upper Crust (which is excellent) and noticed something different on their menu: the Challenge.

Measuring 31 inches across, this pizza came in a three foot by three foot (that’s about a meter all you metric kids) pizza box. That’s over 750 square inches of pizza! A regular large pizza from Upper Crust is only 250 square inches but here’s the kicker: that giant thing was only $35!

Sure, it couldn’t be delivered and they didn’t have a big enough surface to even cut it on. And we ended up playing phone tag to make sure they even had a box for it. But this majestic pizza is perfectly outrageous.

So we poured the Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice, while eating Butterbeer and Irish Car Bomb cupcakes played Munchkin, Zombie Dice and Rock Band and celebrated in style.