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The 7 Greatest Movies about Food

Cooking is vastly under represented in movies. For some reason, the gastronomic arts have never really been given their just desserts on the big screen to the extent that one would think. People, in general, love eating food, and the popularity of Food Network/Top Chef/Discovery Channel’s food shows/Hell’s Kitchen, etc. show that people also enjoy watching food. So it would seem like a natural transitions to bring those things to the movie theater. Instead, food is relegated to a minor character. A scene here or there, a mention or funny aside between a few characters in between moments of intense drama or cars blowing up. Rumor has it, Keanu Reeves is working on a film about being a chef, so I guess our salvation is at hand.

All is not lost though, because the quality of food films is pretty high, even if the quantity is severely lacking. What follows is a breakd down of the greatest “movies about food” of all time. The criteria is not so much if the movie is great (though that certainly is part of it), but rather how the food is represented and the experience that brings. The cinematography, how the food is treated,  matters. The best food movies make you hungry, make you yearn for the food on-screen so much that you imagine you can taste what’s being served.

The ultimate rule  is that food has to be an integral part of the film, you can’t just have a scene where people sit down for dinner. Even one scene where food or a recipe is mentioned isn’t enough. If that were the case, The Godfather would be #1 on this list simply for including the scene when Clemenza teaches Michael how to make sauce. “You never know you might have to cook for 20 guys someday.” And Goodfellas would certainly get a mention for teaching us all that the best way to chop garlic is with a razor blade.

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Cook’s Recipe: Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup is a lot like a well executed campaign. It’s fun, flavorful and never the same thing twice. You never know how you’re going to get to the end, but the end should always be satisfying – whether in a bowl of soup or facing off against a lich in some catacomb.

In many ways, Minestrone soup is much like the fabled Stone Soup – only with less chances of cracking a tooth. So while this is a recipe in the technical sense, this is one recipe that calls for trying new things and different ingredients.

When most adventurers think of minestrone soup, the ideas of beans in a tomato broth immediately conjure in the mind but the rest varies from quest to quest and season to season.

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