Equipment Review: Mix Stix

Utensils in the kitchen fall into three categories: necessities, embellishments and absolutely unnecessary. The Mix Stix happen to fall into the last category, but that doesn’t make them any less fun!

Every kitchen has its own rhythm and hum, and now you can play along. Mix Stix Drumstick Kitchen Spoons are classic indispensable beechwood spoons, morphed into drumsticks. So now you can rock out when you’re not stirring, paradiddle on the stockpot and give that mixing bowl a rimshot.

Get with the beat!

For all intents and purposes, Mix Stix are little more than nicer-than-average wooden mixing spoons with a musical motif. One is a standard spoon, while the other is slotted with an eighth-note. But what sets them apart is the fact that the other end of the handle is shaped like a drumstick! Crafted by the delightfully crazy Fred & Friends, Mix Stix continue the trend of being just absurd enough to always make you smile.

Sure, most of my musical experience now comes from playing Rock Band 3, but even that game uses actual drumsticks. And I’ll even admit there have been times when I lost them and resorted to using regular wooden spoons in place of drumsticks. I don’t recommend it, since most wood spoons can’t take that kind of abuse and shrapnel went everywhere after an impressive drum solo.

Both spoons are 13 inches long and excellently sanded. Getting a splinter from a wooden spoon while prepping cookies or cakes is down right wretched, so having a new set of super smooth spoons is great. The beechwood used to make them is also fantastic; it’s significantly harder and can hold up to some light jamming on pots and pans.

But I wouldn’t recommend making these your stand-in drumsticks for one simple reason: they’re way too short. The actual spoon part makes them rather hard to hold and play, so they end up feeling about four inches too short as drumsticks.

Then again, if you’re buying kitchen tools as musical instrument replacements, there might be a bigger issue. But if there is anyone in your life who is a bard and a baker, these are a fantastic set that’s sure to bring a smile.

Mix Stix can be purchased at Perpetual Kid or Amazon. And a big thanks goes out to my godmother, Ant Bee, for grabbing me these for Christmas!